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Within 4 Lessons:

  • Learn how to prevent the common mistakes and wrong habits that will lead you to writing imprecise answers
  • Avoid “mental blocks”, cope with exam stress, prevent any tendency to make careless mistakes
  • We will show you crucial analytical steps that lead you to the right answers, no matter how “tricky” the questions are
  • Difficult questions will not surprise you any more, because you would be familiar with the skills you need in order to correctly answer what is required
  • Pace yourself, so that you have enough time to answer every exam question, as well as to check your answers at least once before you hand in your work
  • Start on a systematic approach to strengthen the answering skills that require you to compare, contrast and use critical/creative thinking techniques
private tuition
private tuition

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Our tuition coordinators are former MOE teachers from good schools. 

We are very familiar with how to properly shortlist and interview the correct home tutors before we show you between 4 to 10 profiles of qualified tutors. 

Each of these private tutors have proven experience in dependably helping their students’ grades quickly improve by at least 10 to 20 marks – as shown in the good feedback that parents had given to us.

Our accomplished tutors each have between 2 to over 30 years of teaching and tutoring experience in primary/secondary school, junior college home tuition. 

We have a strong team of tuition teachers who specialize in preparing students for the important PSLE, GCE O and A Level exams.

Every year since 2006, we have helped satisfied clients hire their perfect tutors.

Our team of 31,000 experienced tutors comprise MOE teachers, PhD-tutors, graduated/post-graduate/undergraduate tutors.

There are tests and exams in school every few weeks. Once any student does not pay strict attention in class for 1 to 2 weeks, it is close to impossible to catch up.

Being wrongly-prepared for your school and national exams will impact your prospects of being admitted to the class, school and university of your choice.


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