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Welcome to Trusted Tuition Agency Singapore

Is Singapore a tuition society ?

Households in  Singapore  spent $820 million a year on tuition on both  centre and private tuition.

There are now more than 500 centers in Singapore. The number of tuition centers  has increased five times or more over the past decade

There is  more and more students having tuition and  95% of students attend some form of tuition classes.

These increase in number of tuition due to the basic problems is that students fail to properly understand the concepts and principles of certain chapter.

Yes, Tuition is  not  a bad thing in Singapore

Tuition must be done in  correct way and mindset

Tuition  will help children to be

- knowledgeable,
- hardworking
- disciplined and
- determined

Benefits of Tuition for Children

- to do well in class
- to complete homework
- to improve grade
- to make learning fun and easier
- to make student understand their learning ability and increases their self esteem


The result is that many of Singapore’s highest achieving students are exceptionally competent, ranked among the best in the world

Exam Preparation - Psle, O & A Level, Diploma, University
Revision - Primary, Secondary, JC, Poly, University
Preparation -IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GCSE
Foreign Student - AEIS


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Tuition Fees


Tuition Testimonials


Benefits of Tuition

  Terms and Conditions


Tuition Fees - Trusted Tuition Agency Singapore

Trusted Tuition Agency Singapore - Tuition Fees : Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary , JC , Polytechnic and Others  

The Tuition Fees below is just a guide line of tuition fees  for student from Primary to PSLE, Secondary to O Level, Junior College to A Level , Poly and University tuition.

The tuition fees  may be higher or lower depending on tutor qualification and experience

Kindergarten / Primary Level Tuition Fees









Primary 1 - 6





Full-Time /Undergrads    

25-35 per hour

Degree Holders    

30-35 per hour

NIE /Ex-Sch Teachers    

40-50 per hour

Current Sch Teachers    

40-50 per hour

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~






Secondary Level Tuition Fees









Secondary 1 - 5        

Full-Time /Undergrads  

30-35 per hour

Degree Holders    

35-40 per hour

NIE /Ex-Sch Teachers    

50-60 per hour

Current Sch Teachers    

50-60 per hour

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~






JC Level Tuition Fees





GP /H2 Econs

35-40 per hour


35-40 per hour

H2Phy / Chem / Bio  

40-50 per hour


40-50 per hour

JC Lecturers    

70-80 per hour

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~











Polytechnic Level Tuition Fees





Engineering Maths     $60-80 per hour

60-80 per hour

Accounting / Business / Law     $60-80 per hour

60-80 per hour

General Degree Tutors    $60 per hour

60 per hour

Hons Degree Tutors    $70 per hour

70 per hour

Master Degree Tutors    $80 per hour

80-120 per hour

Poly Lecturers    $80-100 per hour

80-120 per hour

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


University Level Tuition Fees





Master Degree Tutors    $120 per hour

120 per hour

University Lecturers    $140-160 per hour

140-160 per hour

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Parent : Mdm Halimah
Excellent !! my daughter has shown improvement and seems to understand her math better than before.  Please keep it up
Parent : Mdm Siti Amirah Binte Zailani
The tutor is good, kind and understanding. She teaches short cuts to solave difficult mathematical problem sums .
Parent : Mrs Dorris Yew
Mr Ang is good in conversation with my son. He is responsible and can interact with my son well.

Parent : Mdm Almeida Tay
This agency recommends tutors of high quality and agent are very keen helping clients find the best tutor to suit the student’s needs

Parent : Mrs Fam
Tutor is flexible, kind and helpful. Very appreciative of her teaching attitude and regular feedback to parents about my children’s shortcomings & progress
Parent : Mr Freddy Loh
The tutor is friendly and possess the ability to communicate with the student.

Parent : Mdm. Valerie Rebecca
The tutor is good and can explain well

Parent : Mdm. Anna Kang
Tutor is a good teacher
Parent : Mrs Bala
  1. Tutor is able to know the weakness and concentrate in the weakness area.
  2. The agent service is excellent and efficient
Parent : Mdm. Rachel Loh
Excellent, thank you for your kind assistance

Parent : Mdm. Lee Ing
Good , tutor can be fun & strict at the right time.
Very good.
Parent : Mdm. Priscilla Pham
Thanks , tutors are working out well .
Student is enjoying the tuition.
Parent : Mrs. Wong
Thank you for recommending this tutor to me.
I have confidence that tutor can help my daughter improve her grade.
My daughter  says this tutor  is much better than her previous tutor and she is happy with her.

Parent : Mdm Letitia Mak
Efficient and reliable service.

Parent : Mr Chin Teck
I like the tutor as humanities tutor.
He is knowledgeable towards history and able to make me excel in my exam.
He is punctual and wears proper attire when he comes to my house
Parent : Mrs Atan
Helpful in setting assessment book for my daughter

Parent : Mr Loganathan
Tutor knowledgeable, encouraging and responsive

Parent : Mr Loganathan
Tutor excellent!
Agency service-very good!
Tutor is very dedicated & experienced.
I marvel at my son’s 1st lesson, able to sit through during the lesson.

Parent : Mdm Carina Lim
Prompt action and responsible

Parent : Mdm Carolyn Tan
Tutor is very understanding and patient. Tutor sensitive to the needs of my daughter and very competent at building rapport and making tuition an enjoyable experience.

Parent : Mrs Kuna
Your service is very prompt, Thank you

Parent : Mdm Christine Low
Tutor is patient and cheerful and my child enjoys his lessons.

Parent : Mdm Majmunish
Tutor will put up a lot of effort and extra time until child really understands
Parent : Mdm Mei Ling
I like the way tutor teaches my child. Tutor is professional. Thanks to agency.

Parent : Mdm Jainthi
Excellent service, Thank you.

Parent : Mrs Thia
Tutor appearance and attitude very likeable. Willing to impart skill and motivate my daughter and knows the subjects well. Thanks very well recommended
Parent : Mdm Rairany
Tutor polite and able to make the student feel comfortable. Good service. I am satisfied.

Parent : Mrs Dass
Thank you for recommending Chinese tutor. She seems promising and reliable. Hope she keeps it up.
It is really nice to deal with an honest agent for once. I will recommend you to my friends.

Parent : Mrs. Kimberly Ang
My child enjoy his lessons with tutor.

Student : Ms Tan Charlotte
Tutor very knowledgeable with the subject and easy to get along with.

Parent : Mdm Banu
Generally , we are quite pleased with the tutor.

Student : Ms  Vidhyaa
She is the best tutor.
She is a prefect tutor for a student
She is good in all subjects as far as I know…..

Parent : Mdm Normala Saim
He is very responsible and sincere in teaching my son. Not calculative about time spent and we like him. Would like to have him again as tutor. Your service is very efficient and very cooperative. We thank you very much , agent.
Parent : Mrs. Chow
The tuition agency gives excellent service in the tutor – student match. Thank you

Trusted Tuition Agency Singapore - Benefits of Tuition

Home and private tuition is the most productive way for students whom fail to properly understand the concepts & principles of certain chapter.

Home and private tuition can be the decisive factor that will make the difference to successful learning and good exam grades.

Private tutors understand your child learning needs and give closer attention to the needs of your child which are impossible in a classroom environment.

We feel home and private tutors can offer a number of benefits for your child, including

  1. Develop knowledge and understanding of the subjects,
  2. Increase self confidence,
  3. Improve grades ,
  4. Enjoyment and motivation in a subject and
  5. Exam preparation.

Trusted Tuition Agency Singapore  - FAQ

FAQ For Parents and Students
1. Do I have to pay for the registration?
No, it is free of charge.
2. Do I have to pay for the service Upon confirmation of an assignment  ?
No. Our commission is deducted from tutor fee on the 1st month only.
Please, pay us after 2nd lesson  for 1x a week lesson and after the 4th lesson for 2x a week lesson.
You can transfer our payment to our bank account via internet banking or automated teller machine (ATM), or simply send us a crossed cheque.

3. When can I get  a tutor or teacher ?
We will provide tutor or teacher within the same day but for special needs we will take longer time.
4. Frequency and time of lesson?
Yes, we will suggest the frequency and lesson time but is up to your decision.
Lesson time  is  up to your discussion with tutor or teacher.
5. Can I speak to tutor or teacher before deciding ?
Yes, We will arrange  and encourage  you to speak to tutor / teacher .
6. Do I have trial lesson ?
Yes, Upon confirmation you can try and decide.
7. Do I have to pay for trial lesson ?
Yes , you have to pay for every lesson conducted
8. Can I stop after 1st lesson and so on ?
Yes, If  for any reason you find that the tutor or teacher not suitable
9. Notice of cancellation of tuition ?
Please , provide at least 3-5 hours notice otherwise you are liable to pay for the lesson
10. How can we be sure of tutor or teacher’s qualifications?
Tutor or teacher is obliged to show you proof of their qualifications upon your requests. Failure to provide a valid reason for you to reject their tuition services.
11. How do I engage a tutor or teacher effectively?
By providing us with the accurate information about  the student.
FAQ For Tutors
1. Do I have to pay for the registration?
No, but with every successful assignment, the student will pay us the commission fee of after 2nd lesson  for 1x a week lesson and after the 4th lesson for 2x a week lesson.
This is our commission fee and is non-negotiable.
2. What is the minimum qualification to register?
Diploma or A level
3. Where are lessons held?
Lessons will be held at the student's home.
4. How should I dress for tuition job?
You should always look neat and presentable.
5. Can I negotiate the tuition rate?
No. if the price is not right simply avoid applying for that assignment.
6. Can I reject a job offer?
Yes, decision to take up a tuition job depends entirely on you.
7. Why have I not been given any assignment?
The reason(s) is due to :

Trusted Tuition Agency Singapore - Terms and Conditions

1.          Agreement
The information in these Terms and Conditions is based on the previous verbal agreement between you and the Agency. If there is any discrepancy, please call us immediately.

2.         Confidentiality
The information you supply to us is completely confidential.

3.         Change of Tutor
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the tutor, you may call the Agency for a change of tutor. For change of tutor or termination of assignment within the first month (which is the first eight lessons for twice-weekly assignments and the first four lessons for weekly assignments), parents will have to pay the pro-rated tuition fees based on the number of lessons being conducted. You pay 50% of the fees to the Agency and 50% to the tutor directly. Example: Tuition fees are $200 for 8 lessons. If you decide to cancel the tuition after 4 lessons, you will pay the Agency $50 and the tutor $50: altogether you pay $100 for the 4 lessons ($200 divided by 8 lessons = $25 per lesson).

4.         Collection of Commission
Upon completion of the 4th lesson (or the 2nd lesson for once-weekly lessons), The Agency will arrange to collect 50% of the total monthly tuition fees from parents. This is our Agency commission for supplying the tutor. We will issue an invoice to you before collection. The remaining 50% of the total monthly tuition fees is to be paid directly to the tutor at the end of the 8th lesson (4th lesson for once-weekly lessons). This is the tuition fee. For all subsequent months, you pay the tutor 100% of the tuition fees.

5.         Responsibilities
Our tutors take their tuition assignments seriously. They should arrive punctually or let you know in good time if they have to postpone the lesson or if they expect to be late. Please let us know if you have any problems with tutor attendance or punctuality.

6.         Commissions
It is well established practice in Singapore that the commission paid to tuition agencies is 50% of the first four weeks' (or equivalent) tuition fees. Agencies may occasionally negotiate lower commissions for very short term tuition assignments. However, tutors have no authority to change the commissions or tuition fees in any way without the knowledge of the Agency. Please let us know immediately if the tutor tries to renegotiate the tuition fees, the commission payable to us or tries to by-pass the tuition agency.

7.         Disputes
We at the Agency believe that our role does not end when we supply a tutor. Disputes between parents/students and tutors are rare. However, we will also use our good offices to help resolve any disputes that may arise. We can't make any guarantees, but we will do our best to resolve the dispute. Please let us know at any time if you have a disagreement over any matter with your tutor.




Terms and Conditions for Tutor


1.          Always be prepared for every lesson.
2.         If you foresee that you are going to be more than 15 minutes late for a lesson then it is courteous to let the student or parent know.
3.         Parents expect regular progress reports. Make a point of spending a few minutes each week to discuss the child's progress with the parent.
4.         If you are going through a topic with the student, and you see that the lesson time is complete, spend a few minutes to finish what you are doing. Don't finish the lesson abruptly in mid-topic!
5.         If you have to change or rearrange a lesson please let the student or parent know in plenty of time - at least a week ahead if possible. Don't leave it until the last minute.
6.         Remember that students and their parents will judge you by your appearance. When going to a tuition assignment make sure you are cleanly and smartly dressed!
7.         Inform your agency two weeks before you wish to terminate the assignment. This will allow the agency to get a replacement tutor.
8.         Do not forsake the student when his/her examinations are drawing near.
9.         Please inform the agency if you are in any way treated unfairly